Aquarius and Cancer Friendship


aquarius and cancer friendship

Aquarius and Cancer are two of the most compatible signs for friendship. The truth is, however, that Aquarius and Cancer are not necessarily compatible. The reason is that they both crave attention, intellectual stimulation, and originality. However, they are opposites in one way, and the relationship is likely to suffer from lack of communication. This is especially true if both aquarius and cancer friendship strong. Here are some tips to make your relationship work for both signs:

Aquarius and Cancer Friendship – How to Make Your Relationship Work

The first thing to understand about the characteristics of these two signs is that they are opposites. For instance, Cancer is conservative and likes to spend time alone. On the other hand, Aquarius wants to spend time with someone who can share the same values. Neither is interested in material possessions or a body. Both want to experience security, compassion, and love. The two signs need each other to be themselves and have fun.

The friendship between an Aquarian and a Cancer is likely to be turbulent. It’s unlikely that either sign will be interested in going to social gatherings with the other. Both may feel hurt if the other person gossips about them, and the other will start to doubt the validity of Aquarian friendships. Although both signs have plenty of qualities in common, the relationship will suffer due to a lack of trust and loyalty.