AI-Powered Personalized Merchandising


Retail Express AI Solutions involves curating your product catalog, and ordering and showcasing items in ways that help shoppers find what they want quickly and easily. AI-powered merchandising solutions are becoming a critical tool for creating an effective and engaging online shopping experience that can increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Personalized merchandising is a powerful way to connect with your customers and build loyalty by offering them a shopping experience that’s unique to them. AI-powered merchandising helps you create this connection by analyzing shopper behavior and preferences to automatically recommend products that are most likely to interest them. This means the products your shoppers see, prices they pay and promotions they receive are all tailored to their specific needs.

Behind the Scenes of Intelligent Merchandising: Algorithms and Technologies

Smart merchandising is also helping to improve the efficiency and productivity of retail teams by automating time-consuming and manual tasks. For example, unified data platforms provide a control tower view of all the information merchandisers need to make decisions, eliminating the need to jump between different systems to track and act on important information.

AI can lighten the decision burden of field merchandisers by automatically interpreting shelf conditions and providing best-of-breed recommendations to complete their merchandising objectives. For example, the AI-powered app Best Shelf Action allows reps to capture store videos and photos using their smartphones or tablets and upload them to a cloud-based application that analyzes shelf conditions and provides best-practice recommendations for action. This frees them up to use their minds as well as their hands.