First trainingday at the Rotsee

On Wednesday, most teams arrived at the Rotsee. The boat racks where quickly filled with the boats of various nations.

In changeable weather, the crews took the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the lake and rowed their first few miles on the Göttersee.

At 11 o’clock the media conference of the organization committee togheter with the Swiss Rowing Association took place. Subsequently, the media representatives had the opportunity to question the Swiss athletes.

Tomorrow will continue with the public training on the Rotsee and at 6pm the first highlight with the opening ceremony on the Europaplatz in front of the KKL will take place.

Under Impressions you will find the latest pictures of the day.

Document section updated

Here you can find all the regatta relevant documents, starting by the provisional programs and timetables, startlists, team manager manuals and regatta bulletin.

Preview Opening Ceremony – May 30, 2019

Te athletes of the participating nations of the European Rowing Championships 2019 will be received in a dignified setting at the Europaplatz in Lucerne.

In a varied celebration with music, image and movement will set the first highlight of this sporting even.

The celebration is musically framed by the nationally known bandleader Christoph Walter ( and the civic music Lucerne Talents Band ( The highlight of the party is Nelly Patty (

As part of the celebration, the song for the rowing championship “Attention – GO!” will be performed in public for the first time. It combines the dynamics and the fascination of rowing and also contains a lot of swissness.

The celebration lasts around 45 minutes and is made possible by around 140 participants.

Welcome to Luzern ROWSY

The dice fell and our EM mascot, the sportiest cow in the world, got its name.

Rowsy is the latest addition to our organizing committee. Rowsy was baptized on the social media platform ‘Instagram’. A creative head from Munich has brought the original name ‘Rowsy’ into play. Rowsy combines rowing ‘Row’ and local, rural. The Rowsy could almost stand in the stable above the Rotsee. However, Rowsy will not be in the OK with us. She will be in action at various events in the run-up to and during the European Championship and will be touring together with our European Championship booth.

Get infected by the Rowsy’s positive energy and visit you on one of the following occasions:
April 28 – Regatta Lauerz
May 4 – Stadtlauf Luzern (company run with the marketing team)
May 5 – LUGA in front of hall 2
May 25 – Theaterplatz in Lucerne
May 30 – Opening Ceremony on the Europaplatz in Lucerne
1/2 June – EM am Rotsee

Site visit of the FISA

This week, a delegation from the FISA (Rowing World Federation) spent a whole day in Lucerne and was guided by our ideas and state of preparedness. She was very pleased with the existing plans and the state of planning and gave our ideas the definitive “GO”. She was again enthusiastic about the already well-proven rudder center and the charisma of the lake even without rudder installations.
Still open is the number of local television stations. As the FISA expects next SRF, ARD / ZDF and BBC with 3 other teams, which underlines the growing importance of this championship over the last few years. Accordingly, the “mixed area” – that is, the area in which the TV stations interview the athletes right after the race – more than doubles. The media tribune will be expanded by 50% to 140 seats; not easy but we are prepared for the increased interest.

Tickets cheaper than in 1962

As part of the preparations, we were also interested in what a ticket to the grandstand in previous years cost. We dug into the archive and discovered with astonishment that in 1962, on the occasion of the first rowing championships on the Rotsee, a ticket to the grandstand cost a whopping CHF 60.00. This would correspond to purchasing power adjusted today’s ticket price of CHF 230.00.
It seems to us today’s price, which is less than 40% of this amount but significantly more attractive and, if ordered with a discount on a rowing club, almost a “must” for all interested rowing fans. We can only touch you, be there when our Swiss athletes are on the winner’s stand and the Swiss flag goes up.

If you pre-order the ticket through the website you’ll be safe and save time at the box office.

Volunteers at the ERCH2019

A major sporting event such as the European Rowing Championship can not be accomplished without the support of volunteers. A look behind the scenes of an international rowing regatta offers not only rowing fans interesting impressions. All those interested can experience the fascination of a major event up close. From preparation to implementation on site. From construction to guest service. We expect about 200 helpers who will support us in the various departments. The positions range from athlete catering, an employment at the EM bar, as a flying salesman, access controllers, salesman markers, assistance in the accreditation center up to a employment at the opening celebration. The opening ceremony will take place on the driveway on Thursday, May 30, 2019 at the Europaplatz in Lucerne and this will require 60 helpers alone. These helpers, for example, wear the nations flags. At this rowing championship we can count on the help of other rowing clubs, which will actively support us with a contingent of persons. Long-term helpers of the LUCERNE REGATTA have, of course, come forward and together with the helpers, who we can inspire on Swiss Volunteers, we look forward to a great mix of rowing enthusiast persons up to less rowdy-affine persons, who will support us actively.

Heinz Schaller honorary member SRV

At the 146th Delegates’ Meeting of the Swiss Rowing Association (SRV) in Cham, Heinz Schaller was dismissed after twelve years due to the term limitation and deservedly declared an honorary member.

We sincerely congratulate Heinz, our Chief Logistics and Infrastructure on this honorable award and look forward to further cooperation with him.


Ticketing for the European Rowing Championship 2019 is open.

All information about the ticketing can be found here

For rowing clubs there are the possibilities to order directly through the SRV at reduced prices. Contact the responsible person in your rowing club for more information.



  • 3-day pass CHF 98.-
  • Friday CHF 20.-
  • Saturday CHF 40.-
  • Sunday CHF 70.-


  • 3-day pass CHF 140.-
  • Friday CHF 30.-
  • Saturday CHF 50.-
  • Sunday CHF 90.-