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Feminist Baby Gifts


feminist baby gifts

feminist baby gifts

Whether it’s your best friend’s baby shower, a woman you work with, or just want to celebrate that special person in your life with something feminist, there are plenty of unique and thoughtful gifts you can choose for your feminist friend. From clothing to jewelry, you can find the perfect present for her that she’ll never forget.

Feminist AF Pin Buttons

A great way to show your support for the feminist in your life is with a feminist button. These buttons feature the phrase, “It’s a lovely day to demolish the patriarchy.” They measure 1.25 inches in diameter and come with a locking pin back. They’re ideal for pinning on hats, jackets, jeans, and other apparel.

The Importance of Raising Feminist Babies: A Guide to Feminist Baby Gifts

If you’re looking for a fun and educational gift to give a young feminist, look no further than these hand painted wooden peg dolls. Each doll depicts a strong female role model from history. From Amelia Earhart to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, these dolls are sure to inspire any little girl.

Agenda Lined Notebook Journal

If your feminist friend has a thing for writing, she’s going to love this incredibly cute agenda-style notebook that features feminist artwork on the front. The 6′′x9′′ journal is lined and has plenty of room for notes, thoughts, and musings.

Morse Code Bracelet

If you’re looking for a feminist gift that won’t only make her smile, but also encourage body positivity, this Morse code bracelet is the perfect option. Made from waxed nylon cord and natural wood beads, this bracelet is eco-friendly and adjustable to fit most wrists. The secret message reads, “Feminist AF.” It’s the perfect feminist gift for any occasion!

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