Get Rid of That Unsightly Pest Problem Before It Grows

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Get Rid of That Unsightly Pest Problem Before It Grows


Pest Control Charlotte is an established company that offers a variety of services for your home or business. In our Charlotte, NC area, there are many companies that specialize in offering Best pest control In Charlotte, North Carolina. If you are not familiar with these services, our exterminators can help! Our pest exterminators have dealt with a wide spectrum of pest infestations in the past and can help you solve problems that may be frustrating or hard to deal with. When calling our Charlotte pest control technicians, ask questions about services, and if possible, request to speak with one of our exterminators so you can get first-hand experience on how our pest services are conducted.

Why You Need Professional Pest Control?

The services that our Charlotte pest control technicians offer include inspection, application of chemicals, and removal of infestations, including crickets, flies, moths, silverfishes, termites, and ants. If you live in a Charlotte, NC zip code like 2820439, 28 209, 28 206, or 28 2203, the above pests are likely problems: dry wood rotting, mildew odor, black ants in houses, carpenter ants, sticky resin odors in attics, black roaches, and subterranean termites. Some areas in Charlotte, like the southwest part of town, seem to be more susceptible to crickets, flies, moths, carpenter ants and dry wood rotting, although almost all of our exterminators will steer you away from baits, powders, and insecticides in this area.

As always, if you see one of the pests above, please call your Charlotte pest control company right away for further information on what to do next. Your veterinarian can help with advice, as well as suggest the correct products and methods for pest control in your home or business. In North Carolina, pest control is a legal requirement, especially since the state is so overrun with these pesky insects.

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