How to Find the Best Mushroom Extract

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How to Find the Best Mushroom Extract



A best lions mane tincture is a concentrated preparation of beneficial compounds found in fungi, like mushrooms, that have been processed using heat to extract and concentrate their bio-active compounds. This makes them very potent, able to deliver a broad spectrum of health benefits in a tiny pill. They are usually a lot more expensive than powders and supplements made with whole mushroom, but they deliver the most bang for your buck.

Mighty Mushroom Supplements: Exploring Nature’s Powerhouses

Look For A Label That Lists Test Results.

The label of a supplement or a mushroom powder can often be misleading, especially when it comes to claiming a certain amount of polysaccharides or other specific compounds. Many companies will use the term “high in polysaccharides” or even “polysaccharide rich” but they won’t provide any testing documentation that proves their claims. In fact, you should be very suspicious of any product that claims to have a high polysaccharide content. Most products with this claim simply use mycelium on grain instead of actual mushroom extract and therefore don’t have the same level of potency.

Look For A Certified Organic Product.

Mushrooms have been shown to enhance immune function. One of the more exciting studies is a clinical trial with A. blazei Murrill in cancer patients that showed the extract significantly down-regulates MMP-9 expression. This is an important finding as most cancer patients are heavily immunosuppressed by their antineoplastic treatment, and the ability of the mushrooms to re-stimulate immune function could help improve overall cancer outcomes.

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