PNC Learning Invests in People

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PNC Learning Invests in People


PNC Learning hasn’t been a PNC Learning company long, but its founder and CEO has big plans. Demchak wants to transform the bank from a regional player to a coast-to-coast brand without losing its identity as a plain-vanilla lender. To do so, he believes PNC must invest in its most valuable asset — people. To help its employees learn and grow, PNC has introduced a new learning and career development benefit called PartnerUp, an online education platform that offers tuition-covered courses and certificates as well as on-line degree programs.

Innovative Approaches to Learning: A Closer Look at PNC Learning

The platform aims to meet employees’ unique and evolving career needs. It is backed by Guild, one of the nation’s leading on-line education and upskilling solutions providers. The company’s 62,000 employees have access to a best-in-class learning experience, including a curated catalog of tuition-covered professional certificates, college prep courses, and associate and bachelor’s degrees.

In addition to offering free education and career services to its employees, PNC has also been investing in communities across the country to support early childhood education. Since 2004, the company’s signature philanthropic initiative, PNC Grow Up Great, has helped prepare children birth to age 5 for success in school and life. Its work is guided by a wide range of early education experts and partners, including Fred Rogers Productions and Sesame Workshop.

Employees have an important role in bringing their philanthropic mission to life, and the organization encourages them to volunteer. The company offers 40 hours of paid time off to volunteers and supports community-building activities through its PNC Grow Up Great grant program, with preference given to organizations that support economic development.

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