What is Capital Advisors?

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What is Capital Advisors?


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Capital Advisors is a corporation in the State of North Carolina that offers capital advisory services to corporations and other accredited business entities. Capital Advisors also offers registered investment advisers. In addition to these services, Capital Advisors also provides advice to real estate developers on issues related to securing financing, handling negotiations, outsourcing vendor contracts, structuring purchase transactions, and establishing joint ventures. Capital Advisors also assists individual investors in providing general financial planning and investment management.

What Is Capital Advisors?: The Samurai Way

Capital Advisors is part of the portfolio of Stone Street LLC, which is an accredited provider of capital advisory services in the State of North Carolina. Capital Consultants serves clients of all sizes, including those with limited liability companies, public limited liability companies, partnerships, individual traders, investment banks, corporate finance and wealth management companies. Capital Advisors has also established relationships with mutual funds and insurance companies, as well as with some banks.

The Capital Services Division of Credit Suisse First Boston is one of Capital Advisors’ many clients. Capital Analysts provides buy-side advisory, with an emphasis on value based and cash flow based strategies. In their advisory role, Capital Analysts assess buy-side trends and volatility. They make recommendations to invest in or out of a market sector and/or currency. Capital Analysts has had varying amounts of involvement in the buy-side advisory community over the years, but they were one of the first firms to specialize in value based securities and were accredited members of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).

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