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Buffalo Brand Cookware


buffalo brand cookware

A relatively new entrant into the restaurant and cooking section, Buffalo Brand International, has managed to create a buzz in the kitchen circles of Asia. This is not a very surprising feat, seeing as Buffalo Brand International is one of the fast selling Italian food manufacturers. Like many Italian brands, Buffalo Brand carries a wide range of products ranging from pasta & pizza, pasta & lasagna, foccacia, beef & vegetable, seafood & grilled fish, frozen prepared dishes, to vegetarian products and Italian specialty foods. Apart from these offerings, Buffalo Brand also manufactures other food items such as rice cookers, pizzas, salsas, marinades and dips, sauces, frozen prepared dishes and sauces, frozen baked items, snacks, confectionary and biscotti. The company also has a manufacturing division that caters to the customized food needs of restaurant owners.

Before You Buy a Cookware Set

In Malaysia, where this brand of cookware was introduced, the focus of the company has been on innovation, product diversification and fast growth. The company’s plans are not just to produce and distribute, but also to improve its manufacturing capacity. In addition, it is aggressively tapping the markets in Indonesia, Singapore, China, India, Italy and other parts of Asia. The brand name is catching up well in Asia, due to its good reputation and affordable prices.

There is no denying the fact that other cooking brands such as KitchenAid, Cuisinart and KitchenAid Professional are also gaining in popularity. Despite their various merits, these brands are unable to offer the same level of innovation and quality control as Buffalo Brand does. The company is also quick to recognize the flaws in its products and immediately replace them with better ones. Unlike most Italian brands, Buffalo Brand doesn’t cut corners when it comes to manufacturing its cookware. It takes pride in its products and makes sure they are always ready to serve. No matter which one of the many Buffalo Brand cookware models you choose, you are assured of the highest level of performance and durability.

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