Building Facade Maintenance Repair and Inspection

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Building Facade Maintenance Repair and Inspection


Whether you own or operate a building, a historic structure, or are responsible for a portfolio of commercial buildings or a condominium/co-op board, facade maintenance repair and inspection is an important part of any comprehensive maintenance program. These assessments identify facade deterioration and underlying structural problems early so that they can be repaired before they become expensive repairs or expose owners to significant liability.

The best way to assess building facades is by using a safe, reliable, and accurate height access method. Alpha Platforms is a leader in operated boom lift rentals for building restoration and facade repairs with a reputation for unparalleled productivity, safety, and reach.

Building Sustainable Infrastructure: Perspectives from Singapore’s Engineering Consultants

A comprehensive building facade maintenance program requires the coordination of several tasks and skill sets. It involves evaluating a building’s current condition, planning and scheduling future inspections, and working with a contractor for the mobilization, setup, and teardown of a swing stage or articulating man lift for the facade inspection. A detailed inspection plan is prepared and reviewed with the building owner/operator and building engineer to determine the scope of work and any additional project requirements.

Visible deterioration is a common reason for a facade inspection and assessment, including spalling concrete, crumbling decorative masonry, weakened roof cornices, and window frames. Other indications of deterioration include water leakage, which can be detected by checking for signs of moisture infiltration and water staining on exterior walls. The underlying causes of water intrusion should be addressed to prevent further damage to cladding, structural members, and other components.

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