FishMart SG-A Better Shopping Destination

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FishMart SG-A Better Shopping Destination


FishMart SG is one of the most popular places in Singapore. If you are looking for electronics, appliances, groceries, clothes and other stuff then go here. You will also find a variety of accommodation here like hotels, motels, private serviced apartments available on rent. It is located at the middle of the Singapore River and is near many shopping centres.

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If you want to shop then you can head to the Tugun Centre across the road from FishMart. You will find a wide variety of electronic and electrical stores, clothes stores, and food outlets. Apart from these you will also find a wide variety of food outlets here. Many Chinese restaurants are also situated here. There are many cheap flights to Singapore coming from various parts of the world and you can easily book one through websites such as Airasia, Singapore airlines or others.

Singapore Chinese Market is also located here along the same road and you will find various Chinese food outlets here. There are also many eating houses and take away areas for local people to cook their own food. Go here if you want to find a Chinese food outlet along the street. Other than this you will also find a small market in the middle of the area selling fruits, vegetables, fruits and flowers, books, toys and knickknacks.

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