How to Find Reputable Gold Jewelry Buyers

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How to Find Reputable Gold Jewelry Buyers


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Many people are looking to cash in their unwanted or inherited gold jewelry buyers pieces. They may find that they are better off with an online seller than local pawn shops or precious metal exchanges. In addition, there are companies that specialize in buying gold jewelry, and they usually pay more than a pawn shop would.

A reputable gold buyer will weigh and examine your items in front of you before offering you an offer. They should also have a state-certified scale for accuracy. If they don’t, that is a red flag.

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Gold Jewelry: Finding Reliable Buyers and Maximizing Your Profit

You should always ask about how much the company will pay for your specific piece of jewelry and what karat it is. The amount paid is often based on the total weight of the gold, but some buyers deduct the value of any stones (i.e., amethyst) that may be in the piece.

In the case of a necklace, you should be aware that the price of the chain will also affect how much the gold piece itself is worth. The same is true for earrings. It is important to get multiple quotes from buyers, and if possible, choose a company that pays per gram of gold.

Any reputable gold buyer should be willing to tell you exactly how much the item is worth in terms of pennyweight, ounces, and grams. Any that are not should be avoided, as they may be hiding prices or engaging in other unscrupulous practices.

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