How to Make Your Klx110 Go Faster

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How to Make Your Klx110 Go Faster



There are a lot of ways to make your klx110 faster, but it’s important to keep in mind that all the modifications need to work together. For example, adding a larger carb won’t work without other engine upgrades to support it. A performance camshaft will also help add power and give a good power band from bottom to top, but it’s important to balance it with other parts like the exhaust or a bigger piston to avoid bogging.

How much horsepower does a KLX 110 have?

An aftermarket exhaust is an easy way to make your klx110 faster because it allows the engine to breathe better. It’s a good idea to get an aftermarket air filter as well, since this will increase the amount of air that goes to the carb. Changing the jets on your klx110 exhaust is another great way to improve its performance, but it’s important to play around with it until you find the perfect combination of jetting settings.

A good example of a klx110 exhaust is the FMF Powercore 4 (Amazon). It’s a quality, affordable pipe that will make your bike go faster by improving the gas flow. However, it’s going to be a little louder than stock, so I wouldn’t recommend it for people who ride in noise-conscious areas.

The cheapest suspension upgrade you can make for your klx110 is to get heavier damper rods (Amazon). This will stiffen the front forks, making them less likely to bottom out on hard impacts.

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