Korean Cosmetics Brands

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Korean Cosmetics Brands


Korean cosmetics brands

Koreanische Kosmetik Marken is one of the hottest trends right now. These brands use innovative technologies and high-quality ingredients to create skincare and makeup products that are fun, playful, and effective.

From COSRX (which offers a variety of products that create the coveted “glass skin” effect) to Peach and Lily (which is all about helping people achieve beautiful, poreless complexions), these brand are some of the best in K-beauty. Many of these brands utilize a skin-first ethos, and many feature skin-loving ingredients like mugwort extract, ginseng, niacinamide, yuzu, and willow bark. These products are also gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Korean Beauty Secrets: Unveiling the Best Korean Cosmetics Brands

You’ll find a few beauty startup companies on this list as well, including Glow Recipe (who has become famous for their sleeping masks that are sold out constantly and have a huge waitlist) and Hera. Hera is a sister brand to both Sulwhasoo and IOPE (which are both owned by Amore Pacific) but unlike those two brands, Hera has a big focus on makeup.

TONYMOLY is another company that is known for its playfully packaged products, from hand lotions in the shape of bananas to lip balms that look like fruit. But while the branding may be cute, TONYMOLY is a highly-reputable beauty brand that utilizes scientifically proven ingredients in their products. They also offer a lot of different price points, so you can easily get into the K-beauty game no matter your budget.

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