The Temporary Workers Agency in France

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The Temporary Workers Agency in France


The use of a Temporary Workers Agency (TW) is increasing in France. According to the latest figures, about 1.2 million people are employed by such agencies. This represents a significant growth compared to the previous year. The number of French citizens who are employed through a TW agency is expected to double by 2020. Among these, more than one-third are young people, whose age makes them attractive for employment. Read More –

Benefits of Working With a Temporary Workers Agency in France

The regulation of temporary agency work in France has contributed to an increase in employment for people from outside France. This rise in the number of agency employees has led to a reduction in the number of permanent employees. Meanwhile, French firms are not obliged to pay their workers’ wages, which is a concern for the workers’ well-being. The lack of regular wages has led to an increase in resentment among French citizens towards temp agencies.

While the number of French temporary workers continues to rise, the French government has not yet approved the use of this type of service. However, the temporary workers agency in France has received many positive reviews. In particular, the PRISME represents ninety percent of the turnover in the sector. In 2006, the network of 6,450 agencies generated EUR20.4 billion in revenue. While there is no legal basis for unionizing workers employed by an agency, five national trade unions have set up autonomous sector wide federations to protect the rights of the worker.

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