Top 5 Eco-Friendly Stuffed Animals

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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Stuffed Animals


organic cotton stuffed animals

Estella – handmade stuffed animals  are beloved by babies and toddlers, but the materials they’re made from can be problematic. Depending on the company, they may contain pesticides or harsh dyes that will irritate the child’s skin. They might also be stuffed with toxic fibers that will end up in the kid’s mouth and breathed in.

Organic Cotton: The Perfect Toy Material

Organic cotton is a natural, non-GMO material that’s grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. It’s healthier for the farmer and their family, but it’s also safer for the environment because it prevents the toxins from leaching into the water supply and soil.

GOTS Certified: The Most Eco-Friendly Certification Available

Buying organic stuffed toys with the GOTS label means they’re made using safe, eco-friendly ingredients and are produced under socially conscious and ethical business models. Companies like Ultimate Green Baby, Bears for Humanity, and Elly Lu Organics all make GOTS-certified organic stuffed animals that are free from harmful ingredients, ethically sourced, and not made in China.

Joobles: Lovable and Squishy Organic Stuffed Animals with a Social Impact

A great option for kids at heart, these lovable, squishy organic stuffed animals are knit by hand in small cooperatives throughout Peru. Designed with little hands in mind, the Joobles are colorful, whimsical, and happy.

Apple Park: Floppy and Cuddly Organic Cotton Stuffed Animals with a Sustainable Focus

Apple Park uses GOTS-certified organic cotton and corn fiber for all of its stuffed animals, along with low-impact dyes devoid of harsh chemicals. Plus, the stuffed animals’ packaging is made from recycled paper printed with soy ink.

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