Types of Air Conditioning Syste

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Types of Air Conditioning Syste


air conditioning installation sydney

Air Conditioning Installation Sydney has grown into a very big industry over the last few decades. This is due to the growing suburbs such as Kingscliff, Circular Quay and Bellmore emerging around the Sydney Central Business District. When thinking about an air conditioning installation in Sydney, you need to ensure that you find a company that can work for your budget and cater for all of your cooling needs. When considering an air conditioning installation in Sydney, it’s also a good idea to look at the various options and find out about any additional fees and requirements.



The most popular types of air conditioning systems in Sydney are split system air conditioners and ductless coolers. The split system air conditioning installation Sydney uses a number of different components to keep your property cool, such as evaporator coils, condenser, air handling unit, return air plenum and a fan. If you have a high rise building in the city, such as a commercial cinema or departmental store, it’s highly recommended that you go with ductless air conditioners. These air conditioners don’t need to be hooked up to any ducts; therefore you won’t need to worry about unsightly cables running across your property or having to worry about old, dirty pipes leaking all over the place. Ductless air conditioning installation Sydney is also very quiet, so if you have a small space you won’t hear the air conditioner running, making them a perfect choice for the house or apartment that you want to cool.


Another air conditioning installation in Sydney would be the evaporative cooler. The evaporative cooler works by using the movement of air to create cold water vapors, thus lowering the temperature of the air. There are two main types of evaporative coolers available in Sydney – the evaporative air conditioner (also known as an evaporative air heater) and the ductless mini split air conditioning system. The evaporative air conditioning installation is ideal for cooling homes that do not need large amounts of electricity to cool, such as the residences of doctors who work at night, as well as homes that are located in the country or those near bodies of water.

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