Vapor Steam Cleaning For Commercial Kitchens

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Vapor Steam Cleaning For Commercial Kitchens


Hood Cleaning are much larger than a residential kitchen and require more frequent cleaning and disinfecting. They are used by restaurants, cafes, schools and some businesses for preparing food to be served to the public. A commercial kitchen must comply with several different laws and regulations as well as be kept clean to ensure the safety of customers and employees alike. This article will discuss the importance of commercial kitchen cleaning, utilizing vapor steam cleaning for kitchens and how a professional cleaning service can help your business meet its sanitation goals.

Importance of Regular Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Properly Maintaining a Clean Commercial Kitchen

The most obvious reason for keeping a commercial kitchen clean is to prevent the spread of illness-causing bacteria and viruses. Foodborne illnesses can have devastating effects on a restaurant’s reputation and customer base, so it is essential that every step of the cooking process be kept clean to prevent contamination.

Keeping all surfaces, equipment and utensils in a commercial kitchen clean also helps keep workers safe from health issues like slip and fall accidents and burns. A clean commercial kitchen also improves the working conditions for staff members and encourages them to work more efficiently.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Some commercial kitchen cleaning tasks are carried out on a monthly basis, including cleaning the ventilation ducts, deep cleaning tile floors and grout lines, cleaning drains and shelving units inside refrigerators and more. These monthly tasks are important for maintaining hygiene standards and identifying potential problems before they become serious. The correct cleaning supplies are also crucial for commercial kitchens, including heavy-duty degreasers and sanitizers that can be safely used around food preparation areas.

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