Julian Brand Anctor From San Francisco


Julian Brand’s art has been shown widely in the US, Europe and Japan. He began his career as a painter in the early nineteen sixties in San Francisco, but his works are now seen all over the world. Apt for being distinctive, Julian Brand’s work is characterized by a strong sense of color, textures and composition. His paintings are very striking, and even though he mostly paints in black and white, there are some beautiful examples here. More info – julianbrand.com/

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Julian Brand was born in Philadelphia and grew up in Ohio. He attended the University of San Francisco where he earned a degree in art history. After that he worked briefly in the advertising department of Mead & Myers, and later in a warehouse in California. Later Julian Brand joined the group that created the wildly popular brand American Pie, and this helped him to make a name for himself.

Julian Brand’s paintings are characterized by their dreamy style, bright colors and unique use of textures and shapes. They are all about feelings, fantasies and have a tendency to convey an impressionistic view of life, although Brand seems to have reservations about lumping everything into that category. “I try to define things very carefully so that I can get the feeling for it,” he said. “I always do my work in a relaxed way because I like to think that my paintings have a deeper meaning.” Julian Brand also worked on several film and TV shows, most notably appearing as himself in the cult movie series Everybody Loves Raymond.

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